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The Hydraulic Dual Leaf doors are smart and dependable doorway solutions that can be used to transform any commercial space whether it’s a shopping centre, restaurant or a gymnasium and lend it the security it needs. HYDRAULIC DUAL LEAF The Sovereign Vertical Stacking Doors are contemporary masterpieces that glide open vertically, lending your residential or commercial space more style and efficiency. VERTICAL STACKING DOOR (SOVEREIGN) The Counterweight Balanced Series offer an appealing transition from the interior of your setting to its exterior COUNTERWEIGHT SERIES The Frameless Glass doors are sophisticated and elegant glass window wall that has a seamless recessed floor track and comes motorised with an intelligent control system FRAMELESS GLASS DOOR The hydraulic single panel doors are statement doors that are designed to deliver maximum strength, style, performance and versatility while allowing you to enjoy a wholesome view of the interiors or exteriors of your building. HYDRAULIC SINGLE LEAF

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