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Series 3000 Aluminium

Series 3000 Aluminium Doors


This counterweight balance door makes a spectacular statement. Designed in a contemporary concept, it promises durability, elegance, and sheer luxury. The no-visible welding makes this all-aluminum door an example of an exemplary architectural framework.

Series 3000 Aluminum can survive corrosive and harsh environments and is best suited for high-end architectural projects. All-aluminum doors come with stainless steel hinges and pulleys as standard. The doors incorporate a brake mechanism in the event of a cable failure. It features an innovative design and anti-fall brake feature.


  • The doorframe is constructed from a custom extruded aluminum section.
  • The joints are not welded. They are instead crimped together with triple stakes on corners for ensuring a sturdy, welding-free construction.
  • There is no discoloration of anodized finishes from heat due to welding.
  • The anti-fall brake feature is innovative in design and has undergone rigorous in-house testing.


  • The doors are available in powder coat and standard anodized finishes.
  • Doors can be fully or partially glazed in accordance with the regulatory standards.
  • Standard glazing uses 6.38mm laminated safety glass.
  • The doors are motorized and will not be equipped with manual locks unless specified.
  • Counterweights will be enclosed within a removable pressed sheet for meeting the design requirements and for added protection.
  • The doors shall be driven by the exclusive patented 24 volt DC motor. The motors are controlled by custom logic control.
  • There are various options for door operation available including the card key, radio transmitter, and key switch. The doors are equipped with automatic load sensing for obstruction detection.


  • All-aluminum counterweight door designed for creating an outstanding statement. Its exemplary architectural framework makes it durable, elegant, and luxurious.