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Hydraulic Dual Leaf Doors HY3000

Hydraulic Dual Leaf Doors HY3000

Hydraulic systems are designed for high performance that accommodates versatility and reliability. With greater weight allowances combined with more versatility, our new hydraulic systems bring a range of benefits from both a structural and functional perspective. Hydraulic systems incorporate weight management with innovative door projection to efficiently utilize both inside and outside space. This extends the dynamic of the building and creates new opportunities indoors and outdoors. 

The pivot point offers smooth and efficient tilting that forms a horizontal position overhead, and creates an awning that revolutionizes previously unused outdoor space, and creates opportunities for indoor activities outside and vice versa.  


  • Innovative façade opening creates entirely new spaces that maximize opportunity and give fresh perspectives for building functionality.
  • Awning forms to create a sheltered space that is inviting and enterprising, capturing the imagination in new ways.
  • Cladding is tailored to architectural desires, and based on structural and functional wishes. Huge range of flexibility for cladding material.
  • Finish comes with options for polyurethane paint and powder coating on a steel frame, giving rigidity and fresh design options.


  • Door frame remains firm while founded in a steel RHS structure, tailored to the specific requirements of both the structural load and dimensions of the door. 
  • Reliable hydraulic system includes automatic locking for peace of mind
  • Control is efficient and reliable, with power source tailored to door dimensions and structural requirements. Either a 240 or 2 volt cylinder controls the door via a hydraulic power pack.  Flexibility of unit means multiple door operation is sustainable and efficient, with appropriate pump capacity. Door panel unaffected by gravitational force, due to central valve power pack that drives down as opposed to falling down. With spring loaded key switch, consistent pressure ensures reliable operation, introducing a controllable human element.
  • Stainless steel brackets are tailored to door specifications, both structurally and functionally.


Versatile and secure, there are many applicable uses, that include but are not limited to:

  • Shopfronts
  • Arcades
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centres
  • Counter Tops
  • Sports Complexes and Gyms
  • Clubs
  • Doorways and many more Residential and Commercial Enterprises.