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Door Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to avoid breakdowns and enjoy a long service life of your roller door.

Avoiding maintenance can bring breakdowns of door functioning, and costs can quickly shoot through the roof. Regular servicing ensures manufacturing warranty standards are met, and your investment is kept in safe hands.

Even New Doors Can Stop Working If Not Serviced

With hundreds of different components all working in harmony, just one piece improperly maintained can cause issues. With doors that haven’t been serviced, cogs can often come out of alignment and affect the functioning of the entire door. With frequent use, it is imperative to maintain the door’s functioning, and regular servicing offers peace of mind.

Schedule A Service Every Six Months

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to ensure a door is properly serviced is to have a regularly scheduled appointment for servicing. We recommend servicing doors at least every six months to ensure any potential issues are identified and remedied before they snowball into something larger and more problematic. Even the most minor issues can cause other components to malfunction.

With our team’s expertise and dedication to service, they are able to take into account factors such as door dimensions and style, frequency and consistency of use, and age of door to make appropriate recommendations for servicing. With thorough checks and rigorous performance analysis, our team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your door is functioning effectively.

Six months are the general guidelines for most doors, however, emergency doors, such as fire doors, and those which are very high use should be serviced more often.


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