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No breakdowns, no worries with door maintenance

Maintenance is the key to avoid breakdowns and enjoy a long service life of your roller door. Doors that are not regularly serviced may void your manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extremely costly. Protect the investment in your roller doors with scheduled servicing.

Even new doors can stop working if not serviced

Roller doors have hundreds of components working together every time it opens and closes. Just one cog losing alignment can cause the door to seize up. This problem is quite common on unserviced doors, especially those in frequent rotation.

Schedule a service every six months

Most clients prefer a scheduled service every six months to ensure everything is running smoothly and prevent minor problems becoming major problems. Our experts can assess the frequency of use and style of door to determine the right service schedule for you.  High-use doors and emergency fire doors should be serviced at shorter intervals.

Affordable service schedule with generous extended warranties

Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote on a maintenance schedule that suits your budget.

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