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1. Melbourne Market Epping - Industrial Roller Shutter

Melbourne Market Epping Industrial Roller Door

As a centre of trade operating throughout the year, the versatility and security of Melbourne Market’s industrial roller door was a huge advantage to successful implementation. Maintaining consistent, low-cost insulation, as well as providing a sturdy defense against the elements has given peace of mind and comfort to traders and shoppers alike.

2. Sovereign Stacking Door

Miss Chu Soverign Stacking Doors

Innovative, chic, and minimalist, the Sovereign stacking doors installed to Miss Chu’s provide a reliable structure with complimentary functioning. Maximising available space is enhance through the absence of floor tracks, and it’s unique set-up offers unique marketing opportunities whether the door is open or closed. Bi-folding glass extends Miss Chu’s operations outward while retaining an inviting ambience indoors.

3. Frameless Glass Door

Queenscliffe - Frameless Glass Door

We installed a sophisticated and elegant glass window wall that has a seamless recessed floor track. Installed with motorised main door and a manual service door.

4. Single Leaf Hydraulic Door

Trinity Girls Grammer Single Leaf Hydraulic Door

The Single Leaf Hydraulic door installed at Trinity Girls Grammar offers state of the art style and exceptional security. Its unique weight distribution was a challenge resoundingly met, offering versatile application to meet the ever-changing demands of educational administration. Extending it’s effective space usage while remaining subtle, the Single Leaf Hydraulic Door at the school was a huge success.

5. Dual Panel Sliding Door

Sydney Town Hall Dual Panel Sliding Door

The Sydney Town Hall dual panel sliding doors bring an appealing aesthetic along with functional benefits. Installing the unique sideways operation meant expanding available function space while creating an inviting structure. Tandem rollers have ensured all guests are welcomed and foot traffic enjoys ease of operation to maintain a smooth flow of people.

6. Single Leaf Hydraulic Door

Stanley street Adelaide Single Leaf Hydraulic Door

The aesthetic challenge of Stanley Street Adelaide was to provide a unique style with appropriate function, and the Single Leaf Hydraulic Door brought a custom finish and reliable operation that is both eye-catching and subtle. Extending outward to enhance both indoor and outdoor space, it’s chic design and effortless operation were the perfect addition to Stanley Street.

7. Bute St

Bute St

8. Stokes Rousseau. Prahran Markets

Stokes Rousseau. Prahran Markets

9. Sunbury Ford

Sovereign Vertical Stacking door and Series 2000

10. Alison S

Alison S

11. Brighton Classic

Brighton Classic

12. Her Majesty Theatre

Her Majesty Theatre