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Timber Roller Doors

Timber Roller Shutter

Timber Roller Doors

There are applications where aesthetics play a vital role. If you are looking for a secure shutter for such applications, the Timber Roller Shutters are for you.

Made from premium Tasmanian Oak Timber, the doors are a perfect example of aesthetics and functionality. The untreated finish of the door shutter makes it easier for it to seamlessly blend with the interiors/exteriors of your commercial or personal space.

The timber slats of the shutter are made to have self-mating edge profiles to ensure that the shutters roll seamlessly while also providing a continuous timber appearance.

With regard to side guides, we offer two options- aluminum and timber, so that you can select one that best meets your requirements.

Talking about the security, the shutters can feature either a two-way motorized key lock or the standard sliding shoot bolts. The timber shutters are available in polished and/or stained finish or untreated finish.

We also offer aluminum and timber mullion options to match the make of the doors you select for your installation.


  • Made from Tasmanian Oak Timber for aesthetic appeal
  • Untreated finish with self-mating slat edge profile for the classic timber look
  • Two locking systems- two-way motorized locking system or the standard sliding shoot bolts
  • Available in polished and/or stained or untreated finish
  • Aluminum and timber mullion options


  • Curtains – Timber slats with a face depth of 38mm x 16mm
  • Size Guide – 50mm x 40mm timber or aluminum
  • Bottom Rail- Made from timber to match with the slats (75mm x 16mm)
  • Brackets – 90mm x 40mm mild steel
  • Locking – Motorized or sliding shoot bolts


As the Timber Roller Shutters lay a major emphasis on aesthetics, they are an ideal choice for installations such as

  • Doorways
  • Counter Tops
  • Bar Tops
  • Reception Desks and more.

We offer the doors in multiple sizes and a host of customization options to match your requirements.