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Series 3000 Foldaway Doors

Series 3000 Foldaway Doors

The foldaway counterweight balanced door is bold and innovative, with it’s sleek, immersive design immediately catching the eye. With a 30-metre span, it excited and invites and brings a myriad marketing opportunity. Versatility in production offers the opportunity to tailor cladding, size, and glazing styles to meet each individual vision and stand out from the crowd. Commercial, residential, and industrial applications are suitable for this door, which operates in a range of environments from warehouses to showrooms, fire stations to transport depots, and many more. A two-leafed folding overhead door, it’s horizontal hinging system ascends and stacks beneath the lintel.


  • Precision engineering ensures each door meets individual requirements for counterweight balancing, fitting with minimal internal projection and placing safety as a priority. Headroom is not an issue, and glazing/cladding materials are versatile based on desired style.
  • Doors fold along central hinge, ascending to a horizontal configuration beneath the lintel. Dimensions are tailored to individual requirements, while a minimum wind loading of 0.5kPa is in operation.
  • Safety and security are prime features of this door.


  • Openings are tested thoroughly to ensure a smooth and precise projection, with appropriate pulley and nib room and ideal front and rear projection room.
  • Rectangular hollow steel sections form the structure, in line with minimum deflection whether open or closed.
  • Cladding options are versatile, with steel, glass, mesh, galvanised sheet and plywood all available. Glass incorporates 6.38mm laminate, meeting AS1288 standards. Glazed doors include customised kickplate.
  • Standard RHS frame is used, with 20mm steel tubing at 120mm centres.
  • Finishing is polyurethane and epoxy primed, with beading powdercoat or anodised.
  • Internal padbolts make up the locking system, however motorised doors do not incorporate fitted locks. A removable pressed sheet is customised to cover the counterweight systems.


  • Typical applications range from garages to showrooms to fire stations and warehouses
  • Ambulance stations
  • factories, and a plethora of other environments.