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19mm Roller Grilles


19mm Roller Grilles

The security of your commercial operation is definitely a matter of concern for you. For applications requiring a combination of safety, convenience, and aesthetics, we present our 19mm Roller Grilles to you.

Made from aluminium, the grilles with their popular ‘brick’ design are an ideal choice for small and large openings that offer limited but access to both the parties inside and outside of the grille.

The product also ensures adequate visibility and airflow without sacrificing the security of aesthetics in any way. Available in custom sizes, the grilles feature a central locking system that is attached to the bottom railing of the curtain. As per your requirement, the lock can be keyed in from either of the sides.

While the aluminium roller grilles might appear heavy due to their solid looks, they are light in weight yet high on quality and safety. The grilles are available in powder-coated and anodized finishes to perfectly match the ambiance.

The brick-shaped links are attached to a moulding made from nylon for quiet and secure operation. Moreover, we also offer our 19mm roller grille in custom sizes for industrial applications.


  • 19mm aluminium roller grilles with ‘brick’ design
  • Offers enhanced security along with adequate airflow and visibility
  • Central locking system with an option of inside or outside locking
  • Nylon moulds for smooth and quiet operation
  • Available in custom sizes and powder-coated and anodized finish options


  • Curtain – 19m extruded aluminium tube with centers placed at 75mm
  • Guide Channel – 103mm x 41mm aluminium
  • Bottom Rail – 90mm x 48mm aluminium
  • Locking – central locking
  • Roller Drum- 229mm or 150mm diameter spiral tube


The 19mm roller grille can be used for many different commercial applications such as in

  • Sports Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Security Ventilation
  • Arcades
  • Clubs
  • Bar Tops
  • Bottle Shops
  • Doorways
  • Shopfronts and more.