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Series 5000 Liftaway Doors

Series 5000 Liftaway Doors

The lift away door is unique, chic, secure, and a statement piece for any commercial or residential building. Despite it’s ease of functioning, the lift away door has all the essential ingredients for modern security. Visually eye-catching and unique in it’s marketing opportunities, the lift away has a bifold door with counterweight technology that is custom built to specifications, creating new and exciting opportunities with your space while bringing peace of mind and ease of operation to the day to day running of any commercial or residential building.

  • The liftaway door stands apart with it’s custom-made features that give it versatility and solidity. Acquiring more space is not necessary, as minimal jamb space is required.
  • Structural load is centred on the jambs without connection to the header.
  • Height is customised and operating systems can be tailored as either manual or motorised.


Several design elements come together to make the liftaway door unique. These include:

  • 10 psf wind loads (or higher upon request)
  • Height up to 609cm
  • Width up to 1520cm
  • Powder coating and anodised finishes available
  • Both ascending and descending liftaway options are available depending on individual taste
  • Glazing materials available include stone cladding, wood, composites, glass, and metal
  • Frame is steel sectioned and hollow
  • Glide rollers are sectioned and adjustable for quiet, seamless operation
  • Doors operated manually with dead bolt locking system
  • Aluminium covers on jambs protect counterweights and are removable where desired
  • Doors are sealed on all fronts- with Santoprene material gasket, EPDM rubber gaskets and a door panel seal all included


Useful for a wide number of applications including:

  • Sport complexes
  • bottle shops
  • shopping centres
  • bars
  • clubs
  • shop fronts, and many more