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Series 2000 Hingeway


Series 2000 Hingeway Doors

Using counterweight balances brings a unique and innovative functionality to this door, with a range of applications that include commercial, residential, and industrial use. Working with as little intrusion as possible, internal projection is minimised, with elegant design meeting economical space management. Structurally built to last, it brings an easy to operate, flexible design option that enhances natural light exposure and improves space usage. It is chic and stylish to bring aesthetic enhancement to the architecture of your building. 


  • This door requires little internal projection, with a plethora of glazing and cladding materials adding to it’s versatility. 
  • A wide array of colour schemes can be tailored to design specifications upon request.
  • Door opens on horizontal hinge and ascends toward the lintel, with a seamless transition and minimal effort. Each door is tailored to structure and dimensional specifications relevant to the building, and precise measurements ensure the counterweight system is fully operational and meets the most stringent health and safety standards at all times.
  • In addition to this, wind loading is customised based on typical local conditions and the requirements of the individual unit, with a typical minimum 0.5kPa wind loading.


  • Steel and glass cladding available, amongst a myriad other materials, such as mesh, woven wire, galvanised sheet and plywood. Colourbond profiles are typically used, but tailored options are also available. Glazing meets AS1288 requirements, with glass at 6.38mm. Glazed doors operate with a kickplate, customised to individual requirements. 
  • Finishing is polyurethane and epoxy primed, with glazing incorporating powdercoat and anodised finishing.
  • Internal padbolts operate the lockin system, however motorised doors are not fitted with locks. A removable pressed sheet protects counterweights to meet design requirements.


  • Versatile and flexible in operation, this door fits with minimal internal projection, but may be unsuitable in high wind areas.