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Hydraulic Doors

Heavy duty hydraulic doors

Strong, powerful hydraulic doors for warehouses, hangars, commercial garages and industrial sites – Titan’s hydraulic doors are the solution.  Quite simply, these are the strongest, safest and simplest doors on the market, essential for any commercial operation using heavy duty equipment.

Custom made hydraulic doors

The simplicity of the hydraulic door is its strength – the powerful hydraulic rams ensure smooth, efficient operation, while the flexibility of the design means it can be customised to any space.

Hydraulic Door Specifications

Our expertly engineered hydraulic doors feature:

  • Powerful door pumps with easy to read gauges
  • Quiet, smooth and efficient pump operating system
  • Variety of horsepower motors available
  • Safe lock system in case of electrical failure
  • Variety of mounting styles available
  • All steel framework
  • Can be fully insulated
  • Welded cross members for extra strength
  • Internal truss for a neater appearance
  • Spherical bearings for flexible movement
  • Super strong hinge design
  • Factory preassembly for fast and easy installation on site

The strongest commercial doors are hydraulics – contact us for a quote

Stronger than bi-fold, roller or sliding doors, hydraulic doors have the flexibility and security to give owners peace of mind.

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