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Trellis Doors

Trellis doors provide a unique opportunity to bring safety and security to any residential or commercial enterprise.  With a range of stylistic options available, trellis is a great choice to add a level of reliable sophistication to your entrance and bring peace of mind in the day-to-day operations of a building. With a range of different applications and unique benefits available, it’s no wonder trellis doors are in such demand.


  • Custom design options allow full control in the manufacturing process to work with each individual space. This brings optimum performance.
  • With options including face-on, free-standing, and reveal, door fitting is versatile and adept to meet the day to day needs of each individual building.
  • Each design team makes a point of collecting all the relevant details themselves to ensure they know the building inside and out, creating a visualised image of what your ideal trellis would look like.
  • The trellis style offers security and consistent business performance- the structure is built to maintain all signage and branding for maximum marketing opportunities whether open or closed.


  • Doors come with security in mind- full framing and heavy duty resistance is combined with an ease of operation that gives simple, effective functioning. Galvanised steel comes with brass rivets for a rigid, effective door.
  • Assets are protected with proven resistance to heavy attack, and both panels and frames are powder-coated, with corrosion resistant galvanising included.
  • Locking is keyless and folds to just 15% of it’s size when closed, making the most of the available space. Slam-locking is backed by a three-point locking system for maximum ease of operation and security of usage.


Applications are broad in range and include everything from street retailers to

  • supermarkets
  • bottle shops to banks
  • shopping centres to clubs, and so many more.