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Trellis Doors

Trellis doors for a top security solution

Businesses, shops and retailers turn to our trellis doors for a reliable, stylish and strong security door. Knowing you have a strong, reliable trellis door in place gives you peace of mind when you leave your business unattended.

Super strength and security

Our doors are heavy duty and fully framed, making them stronger and more able to withstand attack. The galvanised steel is reinforced with solid brass rivets for extra strength. Tests have shown the doors can endure heavy and repeated pounding without yielding, giving you confidence your valuable asset is protected. The frame and panels are powdercoated and galvanised against corrosion, making your door as long lasting as it is secure.

Easy to operate

The keyless lock is easy for staff to operate, and folds away to 15 per cent of its closed size, making it unobtrusive during trading hours. The slam-locking feature enables quick and easy locking without a key, using a high security grade three point locking system.  Whilst the construction is heavy duty, the suspension makes it lightweight for easy closure – no elbow grease required.

Custom made design features

Each door is custom made to your exact specifications, and comes in a range of colours and stack sizes. Each door can be fitted in the reveal, face-on or free standing position. Our design team will visit your premises to discuss your security requirements and measure your space, then manufacture and install your trellis door. The trellis style design means your branding and signage remains visible to customers whilst the door is closed.

Various applications

Our trellis doors are in use in a variety of applications including:

  • Banks
  • Shopping centre retailers
  • Street retailers
  • Warehouse and industrial sites
  • Pubs, clubs, bars and hotels
  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Bottle shops and liquor stores

Big box retailers

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