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Quality Counterweight Doors in Melbourne


Counterweight Doors in Melbourne

Series 1000 Floataway Doors

Innovation is at the forefront of this counterweight balancing door, bringing unique design together with seamless security to both catch the eye and ease the workload. With it’s structural and functional versatility, the counterweight balanced door can be used in a variety of different settings, and is tailored to the individual specifications of each building. With it’s bold style and flexible size, this door offers unique marketing and business opportunities as well as a chance to create a distinct look. Designed with longevity in mind, it brings versatility and rigidity as well as seamless operation.

  • The versatility of the counterweight balanced door makes both commercial and residential buildings a good fit, with architectural specifications precise and detailed to ensure effortless operation. This fits the profile for both security and style.
  • With such precision and dedication, very little pre-existing headroom is necessary for successful implementation. A plethora of glazing and cladding materials are available to bring your design to life.
  • With an upward ascension and horizontal placement, the doors are pleasing to the eye and efficient in service to those entering. Dimensions are versatile, and counterweight measurements are rigorously tested to ensure peace of mind. Doors resist a wind loading of at least 0.5kPa.


  • AS1170 and AS1250 specifications met with an ability to withstand 0.5kPa wind loading in closed position
  • Hollow steel sectioned frame is lightweight and rigid
  • Steel cladding available with various materials for sheeting, while glass cladding allows for partial or full glazing (AS1288 specifications). 6.38mm safety glass with bottom leaf kickplate, dictated by door dimensions. Other typical cladding materials include perforated sheet, galvanised sheet, plywood, woven wire, and mesh.
  • Standard RHS framing has hollow steel tubing of 20mm in the vertical direction at 120mm centres
  • Internals padbolts offer secure locking systems
  • Epoxy prime finishing with polyurethane, while glazed doors typically are finished with a powdercoat or anodised material


A range of potential applications include:

  • carpark entryways
  • schools
  • commercial industry
  • swimming pools, and many more.