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Super Span Poly Aluminium Doors


Super Span Poly Aluminium Doors

While polycarbonate is preferred for aesthetics, aluminum offers exceptional security. Now you can get the best of both worlds with our Superspan Poly/Aluminium Doors.

Made from a combination of polycarbonate and aluminum, the doors are a perfect blend of looks and functionality to help enhance the safety of your commercial space while also improving its appearance.

Ideal for spaces with larger openings, the poly/aluminum doors are available in powder-coated and anodized finishes. You also get to choose from a host of different sizes and colors to ensure that the door perfectly matches your needs.

The door’s roller drum is made from a seamless tube, which is attached to self-lubricating bearings for smooth and quiet operation. The drum is designed in a way to ensure minimum deflection and maximum security.

Moreover, while the doors feature motorized locking, we can also install the standard two-point locking system if needed. We can also incorporate mullions for multiple or single openings.

With most aspects of the Superspan Poly/Aluminum doors open for customization, your commercial space is all set to be installed with doors that are in line with its security needs and aesthetics.


  • Combination of polycarbonate and aluminum to provide the best in aesthetics and security
  • Ideal for commercial spaces with larger openings
  • Available in custom colors and sizes
  • Motorized operation with the option to install a two-point lock
  • Self-lubricating bearings on roller drum for quiet operation


  • Curtain – Two-part polycarbonate and aluminum design with aluminum hinges measuring 50mm x 25mm
  • Side Guide – Made from 103mm x 41mm extruded aluminum
  • Bottom Rail – 60mm x 23mm extruded aluminum
  • Brackets – Made from mild steel (10mm)
  • Locking – Motorized (Two-point locking optional)


The Superspan Poly/Aluminium doors are an excellent choice for commercial installations such as

  • Shopfronts
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sports Complexes
  • Arcades
  • Clubs
  • Counter Tops
  • Bar Tops
  • Doorways and more.