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Series 5000 Liftaway

Create a bold statement with a Series 5000 Liftaway door

The simple yet modern design of the Series 5000 Liftaway door creates an impressive space for businesses and homes. With this custom counterweight bifold door, you’ll get a stylish architectural feature that also adds to the livability and functionality of your property.

Custom made solution

Suitable for homes and commercial applications, each Series 5000 Liftaway door is custom designed for your exact requirements. Minimal jamb space is needed and the entire structural load is carried at the jambs, without attachment to the header. This allows the door to easily open to a predetermined height of your choosing. Manual or motorized operating systems are available.

Series 5000 Liftaway Door Specifications

The design elements of this door include:

  • Hollow steel sectioned frame
  • Meets wind loads of 10 psf (higher wind load capacity is available)
  • Multiple glide rollers for quiet operation
  • Maximum height: 609 cm
  • Maximum width: 1520 cm
  • Can be glazed with glass, wood, metal, composites or stone cladding
  • Clear anodized or powder coating finish available
  • Custom colours can be created for a unique look
  • Made from partly recycled materials
  • Uses a dead bolt lock for security – manual operation doors only
  • Counterweight covers installed at each jamb protected with removable formed aluminium cover
  • Weather seals include door panel seal, Santoprene material gasket and EPDM rubber gaskets.
  • Liftaway doors can either rise into the ceiling structure or lower into the floor structure.

Custom advice from our team of experts

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