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Series 3000 External Doors

Series 3000 External Doors


The Series 3000 External Foldaway counterweight balanced door span up to 30m and make an exemplary statement. These have the capacity to accept a wide variety of glazing patterns, claddings, and sizes and can radically transform the appeal of your building.

This door is more suitable for industrial and commercial applications. The robust safety feature in the form of anti-fall brake makes it a safe option for commercial applications and ensures safety even in case of cable failure


  • The Series 3000 external door is a overhead folding door.
  • It is vertically hinged and stacks in a folded position.
  • Each door is designed individually with precise mathematical calculations to achieve counterweight balance for appearance and safety.
  • The design can be customized as per your design brief.
  • It requires little headroom and accepts a wide range of glazing materials and cladding.
  • The door folds along a central hinge and comes to rest below the lintel in the horizontal configuration. The dimensions vary as per the application.
  • The door has been incorporated with a robust safety feature.
  • The anti-fall brake in the door design is a result of innovative design and rigorous testing and ensures safety in case of cable failure.
  • Locking is via the use of internal pad bolts unless a request has been placed for customization.


  • The doors have been designed from rectangular hollow steel sections and have been aptly braced for ensuring minimum deflection in both closed and open positions.
  • The standard design is based on 0.5kPa load which can be altered depending on particular situations.
  • The doors have been cladded with various sheeting materials.
  • Standard color bond profiles are used in the design.
  • The doors can be fully or partially glazed for showroom display or for viewing.
  • The standard glazing using 6.38mm laminated safety glass. Glazed doors come with a kick plate at the base. The kick plate height is dependent on the door weight and size.
  • The common cladding materials used is galvanized sheet, woven wire, perforated sheet, mesh, and plywood. The standard finish on the frames and the channels are polyurethane and epoxy. Glazed doors can have a powder coat or anodized finish.
  • Motorization can be incorporated in the design upon request for smooth closing and opening. The carriage is driven with an overhead shaft and is connected to single or three-phase units. The doors are fitted with sophisticated control systems.


This Series 3000 External counterweight balanced door has been designed for commercial or industrial applications where the minimal internal projection is required. It is also suitable for high-security applications.

It can be used widely in:

  • Fire stations
  • Mines,
  • Warehouses,
  • Ambulance stations
  • Showrooms
  • Garages
  • Factories
  • Transport depots