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Oriental Folding Doors


Oriental Folding Doors

Oriental concertina doors are the choice of Australian travel, with Titan’s output featured in terminals within Australia- both domestic and international- as well as Australia’s overseas terminals. With use in high end commercial and residential buildings, as well as renowned shopping centres, it is clear that oriental doors provide a great combination of aesthetic and craftsmanship. With precise contours shaping elegant colour, it’s clear the mix of function and fashion can enhance both the functionality and appeal of any space. 


  • Oriental doors are available in two different panel widths to better accommodate each individual space. These are 150 and 300mm. With a variety of infill panels available, different designs come to life. 
  • Curved designs work magnificently, while efficient stacking is both secure and pleasing to the eye. Fittings accommodate limited head room as well as more expansive openings.


  • Curtain – The Oriental 150 and Oriental 300 each have their own dimensions. For the 150, dimensions come to 120mm high x 150mm wide at the top (aluminium panels), while the bottom sees 120mm high and 120mm wide. The Orienal 300 is uniform for both the top and the base, with 120mm high and 300mm wide. 
  • Track – Efficient functioning requires a minimum radii for curved tracks, which can be found in the chart. The extruded aluminium incorporates 40mm high x 36mm wide.
  • The panel edging system incorporates aluminium extrusion, with a continuous hinge at 16 degrees. There is both 3 and 4 mm toughness available in glass and polycarbonate, while a 1.6mm metal sheet is also an option.
  • In terms of the materials for glazing, PVC extrusion hold edges in place, while opening height dictates rigidity and security of horizontal members.
  • Lock – Titan’s custom locking involves 50mm x 32mm aluminium extrusions. Snib operation is available, as well as options including side key, external and internal locking. The overhead structure must be in line with specification for support while both open and closed.


Diverse applications are available, which include but are not limited to:

  • Clubs
  • Bar Tops
  • Arcades
  • Shopping Centres
  • Doorways
  • Sports Complexes
  • Shopfronts
  • Counter Tops.