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Gas Strut Single Leaf Doors GS1000


Gas Strut Single Leaf Doors GS1000

Gas strut single leaf doors combine an increased weight allowance with greater flexibility in operation to bring a unique and effortless door. Hydraulics support the folding door, negating manual operation of heavy-duty materials, while its innovative design brings the outdoors in and the indoors out, encompassing both spaces into a fully immersive experience. With tailored designs to structural requirements, pivot point tilting fits seamlessly onto the overhead horizontal awning to extend the façade.

  • With its unique structural design, the façade is able to be controlled to fit with the conditions- opening up an outdoor façade or bringing the outdoors inside are both options to maximise the conditions of each day.
  • An outside awning transforms the space and encompasses the building further, extending business and marketing opportunities and creating a dynamic area. New and exciting possibilities arise.


  • Locking is achieved via either a patio bolt lock or a mortice key, while the door frame is solidified by either aluminium or steel tubing, which can be dictated by size requirements. Structural loads and dimensions of each door are taken into consideration.
  • With both stainless steel and mild steel plates available, brackets are strengthened and designed based on the various applications it will be used for and the size of the door. Operation is manual to bring greater control and peace of mind.


Numerous applications are available with this unique and versatile unit, including but not limited to:

  • Shopping centres
  • sport complexes
  • shop front
  • bottle shops
  • swimming pools
  • liquor stores
  • clubs
  • pubs
  • bars
  • apartment complexes and many more.