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Frameless Glass Door


Monarch’s frameless glass door offers excellence in design. The overall look is a sophisticated and elegant wall of windows. Monarch’s frameless glass door has no floor track and comes motorised as standard using the exclusive Monarch logic control system. The use of our motorised system eliminates OH&S issues that can occur with manual operation and reduces the risk of product misuse and damage. Manual operation is optional depending on size


Suitable for many commercial applications including: Shopping

Centres, Restaurants, Shopfronts, Sports Complexes, Clubs,

Entertainment Centres. Maximum height – 4.0 metres.


The frameless bi-fold door is standardly constructed from 10, 12 or 15mm toughened glass panels. However, the exclusive trace and drive system can be incorporated for use with door panels of your choice.


Track – 3 part extruded aluminium, 125mm high x 105mm wide incorporating track and pelmet to conceal door drive. Currently only straight runs are available under motorised operation.

Manual doors can accommodate some curved openings. Consult Monarch for additional specifications.

Curtain -Door panels are constructed from 10, 12 or 15mm toughened glass with 118mm high x 40mm wide aluminium top and bottom rails. Rails are hinged together with custom design stainless steel hinges. Doors can be configured in three options:

  1. Access door at stack end. See Drawing A.
  2. Access door opposite stack. See Drawing B.
  3. No access door (even panels, stack only). See Drawing C.

A fourth option is currently being designed to allow the whole system to be housed within a cupboard for complete obscurity whilst open. See Drawing D.

Stack Bay – Purpose fabricated for each job, the bifurcated track allows the panels to be slid along the track locus and stacked neatly into the stack bay. The fact that the panels can only fold at the stack bay allows the door to travel in close proximity to obstructions without hampering door operation.

Locking – Main curtain can be locked to floor at intermittent points along the door length. Access doors are provided with

Lockwood lock on patch fittings.

Finish – Track, top and bottom rails are available in powder coat or anodised finish.

Note: The overhead structure must be designed to support the door weight. Monarch can provide self-standing trusses and columns if required.

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