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Aluminium Roller Shutter


Strong Functional Security – All Round Protection

Designed for serious security, the Series 1 & Series 2

Commercial Shutters offer exceptional protection, strong functional security and aesthetic appeal. Your choice for complete block out design or to maintain airflow or visibility.  Both available in a wide range of designs and colours to suit your brand image.


The Series 1 & 2 Aluminium Shutter is suitable for many commercial applications including the following:

  • Shopping centres
  • Arcades
  • Bartops
  • Counter tops
  • Shopfronts
  • Doorways
  • Bottleshops
  • Sportscomplexes
  • Clubs

Opening sizes up to – 5.0m wide and 4.0m high


Curtain – SERIES 1 is constructed from extruded aluminium slats with a face depth of 60mm x 1.5mm thick. Optional slotting of 100mm x 25mm.

Curtain – SERIES 2 is as the above details with a face depth of 75mm x 1.5mm. Nylon end clips shall be fitted to alternate slats to prevent lateral movement and provide smooth operation, free from lubrication. Optional slotting of 225mm x 42mm or perforations of 6mm holes at 9mm centres are available to any number of slats.

Clear vision panels of acrylic or poly carbonate can be fitted to the slotted slots providing a dust seal.

Slide Guide – 50mm x 33mm extruded aluminum with false back for concealed fixing. Optional Nylofelt Buffer available.

Locking – Shall be centrally mounted, two way Mortice Key Lock or Sliding Shoot Bolt locking, mounted within the bottom rail. Optional waist high locking is also available.

Bottom Rail 90mm x 48mm extruded aluminium section incorporating locking device and concealed locking rods and optional PVC buffer.

Brackets – Manufactured from 90mm x 40mm mild steel.

Roller Drum – Manufactured from 229mm spiral ducted tube attached to ball bearing drum wheels rotating on a 34mm steel shaft. The shaft shall be fitted with helical springs designed to counterbalance the curtain weight throughout its operation. The drum shall be designed to give minimum deflection over the span

Mullions – Specially designed one piece extrusion for straight openings and two piece sections that can be set to any angle and shall be used for wide openings and multiple door installations.

Mullions shall be lift out type with shoot bolts to base.

Special wide mullions fabricated from aluminium sheet shall be used when two doors meet at an acute angle and no headroom exists for different mounting heights of doors (stacking).

Finish – Anodised and powder coat colours.

Operation – Available in manual or motorised operation

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