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Series 3 Aluminium Roller Shutters

Series 3 Aluminium Roller Shutters

If you are searching for the ultimate in security and design for your commercial establishment, look no further as we present our Series 3 Aluminum Roller Shutters to you. Made from high-quality extruded aluminum, the shutters offer exceptional security while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your establishment.

The light in weight yet eminently strong shutters can be installed for apertures ranging in sizes. Moreover, we can also customize the design and color as per your requirement so that the installation is exactly as per your and your establishment’s needs.

The roller shutters are also available in two finishes- powder-coated and anodized. You can select one as per the interiors and exteriors of your establishment to further boost the aesthetics.

With regard to security, the roller shutters feature a motorized lock mechanism. But if needed, we can also attach the two-point locking system, which can be keyed from inside or outside.

We also offer optional perforation panels if you want more airflow through the shutter to keep the establishment ventilated. If you also wish protection against dust, the shutters can also be installed with clear acrylic panels.


  • Aluminum roller shutters for the ultimate in security
  • Aesthetically designed to help boost the appearance of your establishment
  • Available in custom sizes and colors
  • Option to install perforations and/or acrylic panels
  • Motorized lock mechanism with the option to install a two-way locking system


  • Curtain – Extruded aluminum having slats with a face depth of 90mm x 1.6mm
  • Side Guide – 103mm x 41mm extruded aluminum
  • Bottom Rail – Specially designed extruded aluminium rail with 1000 curtain interlocks
  • Roller Drum – 219mm or 165mm seamless tube
  • Locking- Motorized locking system with option to install a two-point locking system


The Series 3 Aluminium Roller Shutters can be used in

  • Shopping Centers
  • Clubs
  • Arcades
  • Sports Complexes
  • Shopfronts
  • Doorways
  • Counter Tops
  • Bar Tops and more.