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Emergency Roller Door Repair

Roller door broken and not working? This can be a real emergency, leaving your business at a standstill and your assets vulnerable to thieves or damage.

Emergency Service Technicians

Our team of expert technicians can be on site as soon as possible to service the door and undertake repairs if necessary. We understand that every hour your roller door is not working is a cost to your business. We are well equipped, with a range of manufacturers’ parts and the tools to undertake speedy repairs. In most cases we get the door moving again by the end of the day.

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Door Breakdown

Roller doors rely on all links in the chain working properly. Just one link failing will make the entire door stop working. Despite very sophisticated door manufacturing, it remains a common problem. Luckily it can usually be easily rectified by one of our expert mechanics on the same day. (accurate)?

Damage Repair

If your door is damaged by a vehicle, weather or collision, we can help. We carry a wide range of spare parts that can be immediately fitted for minor damage. For major damage, we will dismantle the damaged part of the door for repair. Our technicians have many years’ experience in repairing damaged roller doors, and can handle damage jobs both large and small.

Door Replacement

Faulty or damaged doors sometimes don’t make it. They’re either so old or damaged that the repair costs are greater than the cost of replacement. In these instances we will advise you of the best solution to save you money. Sometimes replacement is the cheapest and best solution.

Contact us today to arrange an emergency callout for your roller door repair.

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